With today’s world of business growing more competitive each day, having an insight or two about your industry won’t hurt you!

Our business research and analytics company is an established and a proven industry leader in assessing your current clients and in helping you find new customers!
The only thing that you will have to do before we actually start the work, is informing us of the criteria for companies you wish to research and the type of info that you want us to get for you and we will start our work!

This specific type of a research can range from either gathering contact information for your sales department to analyzing customers’ organizational structure, geographical location, IT set up, supplier relationships, just as well as other important things that you might be interested about. Usually this service includes: Contacts and Emails. For example, a client contacts us for checking their internal database of client contact details, including email addresses for over 60, 000 people. At the end of the task we were able to check and update their client listing to a higher degree of accuracy, which in turn made their hot and cold calls for the sales department so much easier.

Prospect Research.

A client has a list of companies that they potentially want to do business with.  They needed us to improve the efficiency rate for their corporate sales team by giving them better information on prospective corporate customers, their needs, existing relationships and contracts. A two-person team was organized by TBRC to support the client’s sales team by providing a global ‘Prospect Profiles’ of potential corporate customers. After we’ve processed the list with such information as key technology initiatives, existing vendors and contracts included, the client’s sales team reported reduced research time and being better prepared for meetings.

Hire us, if you want to know how your industry will look like 2 years into the future...

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